About Me

I think my showreel does a good job at telling most of my story. Outside of that I was doing a lot of work as an editor and shooter for advertising agencies around Brisbane. Everything kind of came to a head in 2020 when Covid kicked off and I really fell in love with storytelling and cinema. Quick social content is great and all but I want to create work that is more impactful and really connects with an audience on a deeper level. There is this really incredible feeling you get when you create, shoot and edit even just a small scene and you watch it back, it tells a story and evokes an emotion. It feels like you’ve successfully pulled off some kind of magic trick and created this world that didn’t exist. I’ve felt that feeling a few times and now my life is just chasing the dragon to get that high again.

Outside of filmmaking I like to skateboard and play basketball. Nothing crazy but they help me relax and are great spaces to think. I also love coffee and red wine.